A Winnow Wizard music video!  Cameo appearances by Frank Morton, Hank Keogh, Helen Dziuba, James Young, Victor Sauvie, Adrianna Moreno, and Eric Budzynski.  Lyrics are posted on the YouTube page.

Complete video instructions for using the Winnow Wizard.  Playlist of five videos, new in February 2023.  A must-watch series for all new Winnow Wizard owners.

Overview of Winnow Wizard components and operation, with Spanish subtitles, produced by the Organic Seed Alliance.

Rough-winnowing chard seed to remove sticks and light/immature seed.  The hopper agitator prevents sticks and large debris from blocking the hopper opening, and is generally not necessary if seed is screened and field-winnowed first.

Following this step, I will pour the stick-and-chaff-free heavy fraction back through with a slower feed rate, a narrower feed slot, and a closer-in splitter setting – to remove unfilled-but-full-size seeds.  The Winnow Wizard can raise low-germ seed lots up to 90+% by removing lighter unfilled or immature seeds.

Magnetic dirt removal from amaranth seed.  Dirt particles are deflected by the magnet and fall into a separate bin below.