The Dendroica Project on Substack is a collection of my writings on themes of ecological spirituality, embodiment, and connection to land and place. New essays and poems are published on the 21st of each month and occasionally more often.

Selected writings:

  • The Dendroica Project: An Introduction – an explanation of the name and the overarching theme.
  • Blessed Rain – a poem from 2020 inspired by the return of autumn rain after a month of massive fires.
  • Musings on the Ever Given – a poetic exploration of the hidden beauty in our global economy obscured by bland capitalism and how we might re-envision our webs of connection and exchange.
  • Hymns for an Ecological Spirituality and A Solstice Songbook – collections of sacred and meaningful songs celebrating rootedness and belonging on Earth.
  • April Showers (and Other Everyday Miracles) – a poetic exploration of spring rain and photosynthesis and flowers and seeds.
  • Gratitude – a Thanksgiving reflection on all that I am thankful for.
  • Gazing Outward – musings on galactic scale and my complete lack of desire to be an astronaut.
  • Poetry of Belonging – introducing the powerful poetry of Hannah Elizabeth King.
  • On Control and Participation – a critique of some well-meaning efforts that are still based upon a mentality of dominion and separation.
  • Two Worlds – a poetic contrast between the linear environments we create and the entirely nonlinear environments that exist within our bodies and beyond our interventions.
  • Denaturing Duality – a philosophical exploration of the assumed passivity of “nature”, and a critique of the judgments we attach to “natural” and “synthetic”.
  • Lifeblood – a re-enchantment of the hydrologic cycle.

Parallel projects – from other writers whose words resonate with my own

  • We Are Wanderers – a debut book from local poet Hannah Elizabeth King, whose words helped to catalyze a deep healing and reconnecting and grounding within myself.
  • the heart of Gaia – musings on the wonder and mystery of our embodiment on Earth from Kate Clearlight.
  • Tales of the Hedgewise – essays “woven with the threads of folk herbal wisdom, animism and storytelling, in the ways of the heart” from Marija Petkovska