Winnowing quinoa in the Wild Garden Seed greenhouse
Winnowing chard seed
Closeup of hopper opening and vibrating feed tray
Splitter set to remove small/light quinoa seed and chaff
Two splitters and narrow bin to divide seed/chaff into three density fractions
Three density fractions of lettuce seed, after re-winnowing the middle fraction several times to partition into heavy and light. Heavy fraction is 99+% viable seed with almost no chaff. Light fraction is almost entirely chaff and light/immature seed. Middle fraction is still a mix but is only ~2-5% of the total volume at this point. See pp. 12-14 of the manual for a description of the three-bin, probability-based strategy for winnowing flat seeds.
A view into the wind tunnel showing four of five air diffusion-equalization screens. These screens have hole diameters of 3/64″, 1/16″, 1/8″, and 3/16″, and they can be removed and used as hand screens for seed if needed.
Closeup of sliding hopper gate
Hoppers are 1/2 octahedrons and hold 12 gallons of seed
Three completed Winnow Wizards ready for delivery, March 2018