A Winnow Wizard music video!  Cameo appearances by Frank Morton, Hank Keogh, Helen Dziuba, James Young, Victor Sauvie, Adrianna Moreno, and Eric Budzynski.  Lyrics are posted on the YouTube page.


Rough-winnowing chard seed to remove sticks and light/immature seed.  The hopper agitator prevents sticks and large debris from blocking the hopper opening, and is generally not necessary if seed is screened and field-winnowed first.

Following this step, I will pour the stick-and-chaff-free heavy fraction back through with a slower feed rate, a narrower feed slot, and a closer-in splitter setting – to remove unfilled-but-full-size seeds.  The Winnow Wizard can raise low-germ seed lots up to 90+% by removing lighter unfilled or immature seeds.

Magnetic dirt removal from amaranth seed.  Dirt particles are deflected by the magnet and fall into a separate bin below.