Consulting Services

Mapping and GIS

  • Field mapping from aerial imagery
  • Spatial analysis with available GIS datasets: soils, slope, floodplains, watersheds, etc.
  • LIDAR slope/elevation analysis and contour mapping (where datasets are available)

Weather and Climate

  • Weather station selection, installation, and setup
  • Custom weather forecasting, utilizing global weather models and long-range outlooks
  • Historical analysis of local climate data (using nearest available public station): precipitation averages and extremes, first/last frost dates, degree days, correlation with global patterns, e.g. El Nino

Organic Gardening

  • Soil testing, interpretation, fertility management
  • Irrigation design
  • Pest and disease management
  • Crop rotations, winter garden planning
  • Seed saving


  • Introduction/mentoring
  • Seasonal management for honey production and colony survival
  • Local honey available for sale or trade


  • Mentoring/workshops
  • Yeast selection, recipe design, fermentation guidelines
  • Mead available for local trade (no sale)