Mark's little corner of the Web


Welcome to Mark's site of sharing and reflection!

For those who may have stumbled on this site by accident, a bit about me. I was born on the summer solstice in 1985 in a little house near Renville, Minnesota, nestled in between gnarled oaks and ancient gneiss outcrops in the Minnesota River valley. As you will soon discover if you visit my pages, I have a deep, almost spiritual love for nature and all things natural. I enjoy singing folk songs around bonfires, soaking in hot springs, climbing trees, keeping bees, brewing mead, backpacking, standing outside in thunderstorms, growing vegetables and flowers, stargazing, train-riding and train-watching, and photography. At the moment I have just completed a Ph.D. in biological hydrogen production at Oregon State University, and I am ready to strike out in a new direction.

I created this site to keep friends and family updated as to my whereabouts and adventures. I update the blog about once a week (or once a month sometimes--sorry!), with posts on bees, life, adventures, or random philosophical topics. The Photo Essays section contains stories from 2008-2011, when I transitioned to the blog format. The Weather page displays current and historical data from my weather station, though it may go out-of-date during periods when I am long away from my computer. The Mead section documents all of my brewing projects, past and present.

I tend to use this site instead of Facebook, so I urge any who are interested in my goings-on to check back occasionally. To all who have touched my life in some way, and therefore to whom I have sent links to this site, may your paths carry you onward and upward through many joyful experiences and new awakenings, until we meet again face to face.

~Markael Luterra